The truth is worse
than what you see

Deprogram America is committed to educating U.S. voters on political corruption and the threats we face as a nation,
and we hold nothing back.

Coup: a sudden illegal,
often violent, taking of
government power

Insurrection: an organized
attempt by a group of people
to defeat their government
and take control
of their country

Deprogram: to free from the influence
of a religious cult, political indoctrination, etc., by intensive persuasion or reeducation

Who do you trust?

Politicians are paid by oligarchs and corporations at home and abroad to sell you their desired messaging on every issue.

TV news hosts, online influencers, and other public figures are driven by advertisers and views to deliver bite-size news, adding to the daily noise but never getting to the big picture.

Our experienced scholars and researchers have been sounding the alarm on democracy’s end for over a decade. Hundreds of thousands trust us to understand and relay the whole story of what’s happened to our government. Our only incentive is a future for our loved ones.


The threat is worse than Donald Trump

The people who covered for him
are still in positions of power

They won't hold him

Justice will not
be served

They won't tell you the full story of his ties to

Because they are complicit


A conspiracy theory is not
the same thing as a conspiracy.

A conspiracy is an agreement of powerful actors to secretly carry out a plan that protects their own interests, often to the detriment of the public good. The mafia is a conspiracy. The drug trade is a conspiracy. White-collar crime is a conspiracy. War and espionage operations rely upon conspiracy.

The collapse of democracy, rule of law, and climate at once leaves us with one lesson:
the truth may hurt, but the lies will kill you.

- Sarah Kendzior, They Knew


One organization owns six-ninths of the Supreme Court.


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Featured Partner documents the life and crimes of Donald Trump, his family, and his co-conspirators.

Featured Partner documents the life and crimes of Donald Trump, his family, and his co-conspirators.

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