the truth

About the GOP

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The American people are not stupid.
It's time to stop acting like they are.

We are scholars and independent researchers known for exposing political corruption and coverups. This year, we're joining forces to warn voters about Project 2025 and the Council for National Policy, the Christian Nationalists who bought the GOP and want our government next.

The collapse of democracy, rule of law, and equal rights leaves us with one lesson:
The truth may hurt, but the lies will kill you.

Deprogram America is committed to educating U.S. voters on Project 2025, our slide into far-right authoritarianism and the threat of organizations like the Council for National Policy.

Christian fundamentalism: a counter-revolution launched in the early 1900s against equal rights for women and people of color, advancements in science, and secular beliefs

CHRISTIAN NATIONALISTS: those who seek to demolish the wall between Church and state, asserting far-right religious dominion over the government and our core institutions

Authoritarianism: government in
which the rulers demand
unquestioning obedience
from the ruled

Insurrection: an organized
attempt by a group of people
to defeat their government
and take control
of their country

Coup: a sudden illegal,
often violent, taking of
government power

Deprogram: to free from the influence of a religious cult, political indoctrination, etc., by intensive persuasion or reeducation

Corporations, politicians, and religious groups began planning a government takeover nearly half a century ago. For too long, our leaders have left us in the dark.

There has never been an organized effort to combat the combined influence of money and weaponized religion in the United States, until now.

All roads lead to

Christian Nationalism

Donald Trump did not destroy the Republican Party. The Council for National Policy did.

This coalition of Republican operatives, Christian fundamentalists, CEOs, and lawyers have hijacked the GOP. Now they are hijacking our country to accomplish three shared goals: ending equal rights, giving corporations full control of government, and religious dominance over our society.

Help us warn the electorate.

We're giving voters and candidates the resources they need to identify, expose, and fight back against the authoritarian threat of Christian Nationalism.

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